• Whys is it important to be part of a health club or fitness studio?

    Life is enjoyable when you are healthy. Our lifestyles have changed in 50 years or so as we enjoy working in our seat looking at LCD or at our laptops. We don't keep a check on our diet and eat on the go - I am talking about that burger and fries you had on the way to a meeting just after lunch.


    Questions is what to do? I think we must take control of our health and eating. Once we do that, the next step is to be part of a fitness community.


    Here is why it is important to join a health club:

    1) You become part of a ecosystem and get some motivation

    2) You set goals and targets

    3) You workout harder when you see other around you lifting weights and doing treadmill for hours and hours

    4) You need a different environment - other than your living area - to work out.

    5) You make friends with people who are fitness conscious

    6) You have to go for fitness at a particular time of the day. Imagine if you are home, you might not get up and enjoy sitting in your cozy couch with your favorite show on the television.


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